modmad's characters are just YES

A (very) messy sketch of Scoutmaster Earl Harlan for anon
Based on videntefernandez's Earl

I’m going down to South Park

I love these two.

i met foxboros today /(o.o )\

The process

Color Practice with my OC - Klarise Julianne von Loft - The Sky Princess

Color Practice with my OC Estelle Leontina Proulx Sterling - The Duchess of Nova

"I’m sure I just have to find the right recipient"
-The Visitor

Hey guys! Sorry for no updates, I have been ridiculously busy which is totes lame so here’s a wtnv repost. P.S. IT MOVES



if you stare long enough the word shark looks like a shark

This messed me up bad.

I had to illustrate this xD

(via birdstiality)

Anonymous asked: I don't want to push stuff on you and you're welcome to decline but can I have some more welcome to night vale art please? :3

Well, currently I have some personal stuff I have to be working on which is taking up more time than desired. And I’m usually inspired when a new episode comes out and that’s only twice a month, which is very sad T.T I have really been wanting to draw all the interns though…